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 Every dog is a potential Sniffer Dog ! 

Throughout time it is the dogs extraordianary sense of smell that has helped man become successful , helping to track and locate animals for food and alerting us to danger of approaching marauders, finding water  and the way home!  Today that relationship continues in many sporting guises such as gun dog work, working trials, field trials to the more serious and life saving work of detection and search and rescue dog teams and in more recent times Scentwork for Pet Dogs.

Scentwork utilsies your dogs natural ability to search and find . A low impact, mentally stimulating yet calming activity means that it is suitable for dogs of all ages , Puppys over 5 months , retired competition dogs , golden oldies, rebellious teenagers and all breeds from Chihuahahs to Great Danes .  Great for calming excitable dogs and building confidence and drive in more reserved dogs.  Above all dogs love it.

Scentwork is the fastest growing activity and sport in the canine world.   

Our classes follow the Scentwork UK guidelines, the largest pet dog scentwork organisation in the UK  

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  Introductory 6 week Courses  £120 

  Horseheath Village Hall  CB21 4QR

  Thursday afternoon/evening 

In the 6 week Introductory Course we will be teaching dogs  how to switch on their noses and learn to search items and enviroments initially for food, we then pair the food with a target scent. You will learn how to read your dogs body language, handling skills to assit the search and basic understanding of how the world of scent works.

On completion of the Introductory course you will have the foundation skills for you and your dog to continue to enjoy at home or the option to  take your scent journey further, teaching  a passive Indication, joining our Searches at the Farm, Steam Railway, Church and take part in murder mysterys, club classes, awards and competitions, local or national trials .





Club Class. Open to any dog that has completed an Introductory Course £15 

Ashdon Village Hall  CB10 2HA

Monday daytime 


We also run  

Passive Indication 3 week courses and Stand Alone Workshops

Tailored private sessions for you or share with a friend at any of our venues. 

Scentwork UK Trials 

All courses are suspended at the current time in line with Government guidelines.