Most of our dogs are enjoying us being home spending much more time with them than normal and getting out on walks sometimes several times a day with different family members but now some of us are beginning to return to work and we are allowed out more.   

To help our dogs through and as we emerge from lockdown restrictions try to keep some normality of their daily routine by keeping meal, walk and play times the same. Ensure you spend time apart even if its just reading the paper in another room or going and sitting in the car whilst you drink a cup of tea for instance.
Try to ensure that any extra activities you teach your dog are sustainable in some way when life returns to normal.    
If you have a new puppy 
Play a CD you can buy these from Clix on amazon or you can get apps with a variety of noises ie fire works, traffic, weather, every day household appliances, babies crying, etc. Remember for puppies to start on the very lowest setting and only increase once they are used to one level first. Its Good to put the sound on whilst feeding or doing something nice.
Walk around with hats, sunglasses, walking sticks, opening and closing umbrella’s. Ride scooters, bikes in the garden, balloons with some not as fully blown up, and burst those to get them used to sudden noises, by not being so blown up the noise isn’t too drastic to start with. 
Make sure they are familiar with hoovers, washing machines, lawn mowers, etc obviously keeping them at a safe distance and not trying to chase them. Arm your self with treats and if the pup tries to grab the hoover throw a treat behind them , you will soon have a dog that backs away from the hoover than trying to chase and grab it.   
Tie a plastic bag tied to a fence in the garden so they get used to them flapping about and the noise they can make.
Try to get them used to as many sounds and movements as you can even though we are in this isolation period. Always start slowly at a distance don’t rush any noise or article . 
If you have a garden put obstacles out improvise with things you have at home and scatter treats amoungst them. Use articles they have to walk over so they get used to different textures and surfaces and things that can move safely under their feet.  
see Chippers video   
Although in isolation it’s very important to spend time apart from your puppy ie Drinking a cup of tea in the car going into another room to read the paper etc when things go back to normal they could suffer with depression and anxiety.
Put your pup in the car with something to chew like a stuffed Kong for short periods , start the engine , if there is someone else in the house who could sit with them in the car whilst you go on any essential journeys . If it is to the supermarket open the windows so puppy can hear and smell as well as see. 
If your pup is waiting for vaccination  carry them outside as much as you can to see, hear and smell the environment.