A dog and a child can develop a wonderful friendship and having a dog in the family can teach children valuable lessons about responsibility, care and respect for all animals, but both dogs and children can be unpredictable.



  • Discourage your children from rolling around on the floor with the puppy as this can encourage rough and tumble games and play-biting
  • Drawing back is a self-defense mechanism in us but is often seen as an invitation to play by puppies, show children how to keep still and to redirect the puppies attention onto their chews/toys
  • Try to avoid shouting at the children if a situation is getting out of hand as this will excite the puppy who may start barking (joining in).
  • Teach your children how to play with the puppy with his/her toys.
  • Encourage your children to be involved in the puppy’s training.
  • Always supervise puppies/dogs and children and with extra vigilance at mealtimes and playtimes.
  • If you are unable to supervise keep children and puppies/dogs apart. 
  • Do not allow children to treat the puppy/dog as a toy, he/ she is a living creature that deserves respect and understanding.
  • Giving your puppy/dog a crate or a den area will allow him/her to escape when he/she is tired or the children are becoming too boisterous. DO NOT allow children into the dogs area to pull him/her out or to torment.
  • Do not allow children to give dogs their sweets, human grade chocolate is fatal to some dogs.
  • Do not let children blow in a dogs face.
  • Do not let children wake a sleeping dog, tease, tail pull, poke or prod.
  • Do not let children try to take anything away from a dog.

(Download the above points on a handy pdf sheet.)


Recommended reading

The Canine Commandments £6.95. Written by Kendal Shephard one of the leading authorities on dogs and a mother. This book is written for parents and children, a must for your children’s bookshelf.

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The following useful reminders are all available from Dr Sophia Yin, The Art and Science of Animal Behaviour




Download the “How kids should not interact with dogs” poster.



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Download the “How kids should interact with dogs” poster