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helen stevenson hoopers trainer

What is Hoopers

Hoopers is a dog agility game popular in America which has now made it’s way to the UK. Based on agility but instead of going over jumps and equipment the dog runs through specially designed hoops, tunnels and around barrels. It is great fun and especially good for dogs unable to take part in Impact Sports , dogs that have age against them, tiny breeds, giant breeds, long low breeds in fact any dog and anyone can take part. One thing that appeals to many people is that you don’t always have to run with your dog!

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There are no Hoopers classes running at the present time  



All dogs must have completed a Introductory Session in order to join the group sessions.

Dogs with aggressive tendencies will not be allowed into group sessions.

Our Hoopers Instructor is Hoopers UK Accredited Level 1 Instructor

Helen Stevenson.