Our puppy foundation classes aim to lay the foundations for a happy and well-behaved dog and help you to create and develop that lifelong relationship with your new family member.

Why should I train my puppy?

Because it’s so much better to have a dog that:

  • Understands and learns to respond to basic commands
  • comes back when called
  • waits at doorways and at roadsides – important for safety
  • is good with guests and learns not to jump up
  • is attentive to you and knows its name
  • is happy to be brushed and groomed
  • greets unknown dogs and people calmly
  • walks nicely on a lead

Trained dogs

  • are happier, healthier and safer
  • lead a fuller life
  • can visit dog friendly places happily
  • less prone to learning undesirable behaviours
  • are confident and calmer around other people and dogs

What will my puppy and I learn?

During the ten week course you and your puppy will cover the following and more

  • Responding to their name and being attentive to you
  • Socialisation with other dogs and people
  • Handling and inspection
  • Recall
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Walking without pulling
  • Waiting for approximately 10 seconds
  • The leave command
  • Taking a treat without snatching
  • Responsibility and care
  • Cleanliness and identification
  • The fetch game
  • Home Alone
  • Jumping Up
  • Playbiting
  • Food and Feeding

What do I need to bring with me?

• Your puppy, wearing just a normal plain collar with a standard lead , harness or headcollar.
• Treats – see our leaflet on yummy treats.  These are used for rewarding behaviour and keeping your puppy focused on you. You’ll want something small, so as not to overload your puppy and ideally soft and easy to eat.
A favourite toy –  Please avoid toys that squeak or roll as they may distract the other puppies.
Poo bags – it’s important that you clear up after your dog everywhere you go, including training.
Flat shoes for you .
Water bowl. To save cross contamination with other dogs we ask people to bring their own bowl.

Completion of the Puppy Course will prepare you for the Novice and Intermediate Classes with the opportunity of working towards and taking the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.

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